10 adverse effects of being overweight

Increased Risk of Heart Disease

Carrying extra pounds puts strain on the heart, elevating the risk of heart diseases and conditions.

Type 2 Diabetes

Being overweight is a significant factor in developing type 2 diabetes, impacting insulin sensitivity.

High Blood Pressure

Extra weight requires more blood to supply oxygen and nutrients, leading to elevated blood pressure.

Joint Problems

Excess weight stresses joints, increasing the likelihood of osteoarthritis and joint pain.

Sleep Apnea

Overweight individuals are prone to sleep apnea, a condition disrupting normal breathing during sleep.

Increased Cancer Risk

Being overweight is linked to a higher risk of various cancers, including breast and colon cancer.

Fatty Liver Disease

Excessive fat accumulation in the liver can result in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

Depression and Mental Health Issues

Overweight individuals may face increased risks of depression and other mental health challenges.


Weight-related hormonal imbalances can contribute to fertility issues in both men and women.

Reduced Immune Function

Overweight individuals may experience a weakened immune system, making them more susceptible to infections.


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