10 DIY Kitchen Décor Ideas to Refresh Your Space on Any Budget

Herb Garden Wall

Transform your kitchen into a culinary haven by creating a stylish herb garden wall. Fresh herbs at your fingertips for a pop of color and flavor!

Chalkboard Cabinet Doors

Turn your cabinet doors into functional art with chalkboard paint. Perfect for jotting down grocery lists, recipes, and daily reminders.

Mason Jar Storage

Organize your kitchen in style with mason jars. From spices to utensils, these versatile jars add a touch of rustic charm while keeping things tidy.

Pallet Wood Shelves

Create rustic and unique shelves using pallet wood. Ideal for displaying your favorite kitchen essentials and adding a touch of farmhouse chic.

DIY Hanging Pot Rack

Maximize kitchen space by crafting a hanging pot rack. Showcase your stylish cookware while freeing up valuable cabinet space.

Wine Cork Backsplash

Give your kitchen a vintage touch with a wine cork backsplash. A sustainable and artistic way to add character to your cooking space.

Fabric-Covered Barstools

Revamp old barstools with vibrant fabric for an instant makeover. A quick and affordable way to add a pop of color to your kitchen.

DIY Window Valance

Frame your kitchen window with a DIY valance. Choose fabrics that complement your décor for a customized and polished look.

Painted Utensil Handles

Inject color into your kitchen by painting the handles of your utensils. A simple yet effective way to personalize your cooking tools.

Hanging Fruit Basket

Free up counter space with a stylish hanging fruit basket. Showcase your favorite fruits in an artistic and practical way.


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