500 Children at Daycare Possibly Exposed to Tuberculosis: Douglas County Declares Health Emergency

Breaking News:

500 children at a daycare in Douglas County may have been exposed to tuberculosis. Stay tuned as we provide essential details and updates on the unfolding health emergency.

Tuberculosis Exposure Confirmed

Authorities have confirmed potential tuberculosis exposure at a local daycare center. Learn about the timeline, affected age groups, and the immediate steps being taken to address this public health concern.

County Declaration: Health Emergency

Douglas County has officially declared a health emergency in response to the tuberculosis exposure. Understand the implications of this declaration and the measures being implemented to contain the situation.

Immediate Testing and Screening

Find out how health officials are conducting immediate testing and screening for all affected children. Learn about the diagnostic procedures and the timeline for obtaining results.

Parents' Emergency Hotline

For concerned parents, a dedicated emergency hotline has been established. Get information on how to reach out, ask questions, and access support during this challenging time.

Symptoms and Warning Signs

Stay informed about the symptoms and warning signs of tuberculosis in children. Recognize the signs early and understand when to seek medical attention for your child.

Preventive Measures

Learn about the preventive measures recommended by health authorities. From hygiene practices to vaccination information, discover how to protect your child and family from tuberculosis.

Quarantine Protocols

Explore the quarantine protocols in place for affected children. Understand how health officials are working to prevent further spread and ensure the safety of the community.

Support for Affected Families

Discover the support systems in place for families affected by this health emergency. From counseling services to informational resources, find assistance to navigate through this challenging time.


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