9 Heavy Makeup Mistakes That Age You: A Guide by MUAs

Overpowdering Woes

"Avoid the cakey look! MUAs warn against excessive powder, which settles into fine lines, accentuating them."

Foundation Overload

"MUAs suggest using a light hand with foundation. Heavy application settles into creases, making them more pronounced."

Dark Lip Liner Drama

"Discover how dark lip liners can age your appearance. MUAs guide you on choosing the right shades for a youthful pout."

Concealer Creases

"Learn the correct way to apply concealer. Avoiding heavy layers prevents it from settling into lines, giving you a fresh look."

Glitter Overkill

"MUAs caution against excessive glitter. Too much sparkle can draw attention to fine lines, making them more noticeable."

Heavy Contour Blunders

"Contouring is an art! Discover how heavy contouring can age you and get tips from MUAs for a natural, youthful sculpt."

Neglecting Skincare

"Your makeup can only do so much. MUAs emphasize the importance of a good skincare routine for a flawless finish."

Ignoring Your Undertones

"MUAs guide you on choosing makeup tones that complement your undertones, preventing a washed-out or overly dramatic look."

Stiff Hairstyles

"Your hairstyle matters too! Learn how a rigid hairstyle can amplify the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines."

Disregarding Blush Placement

"MUAs share the secret to youthful blush application. Avoid common mistakes that can age your overall look."


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