The DIY Window Treatment That'll Save You Money During Chilly Winters

Materials Needed

Gather your supplies: thermal curtains, draft stoppers, and a sewing kit. Affordable materials that will transform your space and save on heating bills.

Measure and Plan

Accurate measurements are key. Plan your treatment to ensure it covers the entire window, preventing cold drafts from sneaking in.

Choose Thermal Curtains

Opt for thermal curtains to add an extra layer of insulation. They trap warmth and keep the cold out, creating a cozy atmosphere.

DIY Draft Stoppers

Make your own draft stoppers using old socks and rice. Place them along the window sill to stop cold air in its tracks.

Sewing Tips

Don't fear the needle! Basic sewing skills will come in handy. Learn simple stitches to customize your curtains and draft stoppers.


Hang your thermal curtains and place the draft stoppers. Easy installation that instantly enhances your home's warmth.


Enjoy a cozier home and significant savings on heating bills. This DIY treatment is not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing.

Maintenance Tips

Learn how to care for your new window treatment. Proper maintenance ensures longevity and continued energy efficiency.

Before and After

Witness the transformation. Compare the energy consumption before and after the DIY treatment. A visual testament to its effectiveness.


Hear from others who have embraced this DIY solution. Real stories of warmth and savings that will inspire you to take on this project.


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