The 10 Most Common Parrots Found in Australia: ID Guide and Where to Spot Them

Rainbow Lorikeet

Known for their vivid plumage, these playful parrots can be spotted in urban areas and coastal regions. Listen for their lively chattering!

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo

With a striking yellow crest, these majestic cockatoos are common across Australia. Look up in open woodlands for their majestic flights.


Pink and grey, Galahs are social birds found in various habitats. Keep an eye out for their distinctive rose-colored plumage.


Tiny and colorful, budgies are popular pets worldwide. In the wild, find them in arid regions, often forming large flocks.

Australian King Parrot

Sporting red and green hues, these regal parrots inhabit dense forests. Spot them in eastern Australia, adding a splash of color to the greenery.

Crimson Rosella

Vibrant red and blue, these rosellas are found in forests and gardens. Watch for their distinctive calls and acrobatic flights.


Recognizable by their crest and cheeky demeanor, cockatiels are widespread. Look for them in open country, often near water sources.

Eastern Rosella

This beauty with a mix of colors can be found in eucalyptus forests. Listen for their melodic calls and spot them in tree canopies.

Little Corella

White and noisy, little corellas are a common sight in grasslands and agricultural areas. Witness their playful antics in large flocks.

Rainbow Bee-eater

Despite their name, these birds are not parrots but are worth mentioning. Spot them near water, where they catch insects with stunning aerial displays.


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