The 10 Worst U.S. Cities to Visit

High crime rates and limited attractions make Gary a city to skip.

Gary, Indiana

Known for water contamination issues, Flint isn't a tourist-friendly spot.

Flint, Michigan

High poverty and crime levels deter travelers from Camden.

Camden, New Jersey

Economic challenges and crime make East St. Louis a less-than-ideal destination.

East St. Louis, Illinois

While it has its charm, Detroit's high crime rates can be a concern for tourists.

Detroit, Michigan

Limited tourist attractions and high living costs make Hartford less appealing.

Hartford, Connecticut

Crime rates can overshadow Memphis's rich musical history.

Memphis, Tennessee

High cost of living and crime issues affect Oakland's appeal.

Oakland, California

Economic challenges and crime rates make Stockton a city to avoid.

Stockton, California

Despite its history, Birmingham's crime rates impact its tourist appeal.

Birmingham, Alabama

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