Turn An Ordinary Space Into A Stunning Home Office With This IKEA IVAR Hack


1. Versatility: IVAR offers modular solutions adaptable to any room layout. 2. Affordability: Achieve a high-end look without the high-end price tag.

Point 1: Selecting Your Base

Start with the IVAR shelving unit as your foundation. Choose the size that fits your space – small, medium, or large.

Point 2: Personalized Storage

Customize your storage with IVAR's adjustable shelves and cabinets. Tailor it to your needs for an organized and clutter-free workspace.

Point 3: Desk Integration

Incorporate a desk by adding a wooden plank to your IVAR unit. Create a seamless workspace that suits your style.

Point 4: Play with Colors

Paint or stain your IVAR unit to match your interior. Express your creativity with a personalized color palette.

Point 5: Ergonomic Seating

Pair your IVAR setup with a comfortable chair. Prioritize ergonomics for a productive and comfortable work experience.

Point 6: Lighting Solutions

Enhance your workspace with adequate lighting. Consider pendant lights or adjustable desk lamps to brighten up your IVAR home office.

Point 7: Inspirational Decor

Personalize your home office with motivational decor. Hang artwork, quotes, or vision boards to keep you inspired throughout the day.

Point 8: Greenery Boost

Introduce plants to your IVAR office space. Greenery enhances air quality and brings a touch of nature to your workspace.

Point 9: Cable Management

Keep your workspace tidy with smart cable organization. Use cable clips or tie them together to maintain a clean and organized look.


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