Which Design Trends Are Still In & Which Are Out, According To HGTV's Christina Hall

Bold Colors In, Neutral Palettes Out

Christina recommends injecting bold hues into your space, ditching the neutral tones for a vibrant and lively atmosphere.

Sustainable Materials Take Center Stage

Explore eco-friendly design choices as Christina emphasizes the importance of sustainability in contemporary interiors.

Minimalism: Timeless and Trendy

Christina advocates for the enduring appeal of minimalistic design, proving that less is more in the ever-evolving world of decor.

Texture Play: In, Monotony: Out

Discover how incorporating varied textures adds depth and character, replacing the monotony of uniform surfaces.

Statement Lighting Illuminates Trends

Christina sheds light on the transformative power of statement lighting, elevating your space and staying on-trend.

Smart Homes, Smarter Design

Explore the integration of smart home technology, seamlessly blending convenience with cutting-edge design.

Vintage Vibes: Back in Style

Join Christina in embracing the nostalgia of vintage decor, as classic pieces make a stylish comeback.

Biophilic Design Connects with Nature

Discover how bringing the outdoors in enhances well-being, making biophilic design a must in modern interiors.

Open Shelving: Aesthetic and Functional

Christina advocates for open shelving, combining visual appeal with practical storage solutions.

Personalized Spaces: Your Style, Your Sanctuary

Wrap up the journey with Christina's insight on the significance of personalization in creating a home that truly reflects your style.


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